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How to buy a canoe?

Option 1) From Your Local Dealer

We stock our distribution with canoes and kayaks, where you can choose from the models and colors they have available. You can also make a custom design order with your local dealer, order parts, inquire about repairs and warranty, etc. All our dealers are like family to us, for the most part, we have been working with them for many years and they are pillars in the canoe communities they represent.

Please note: Pricing from dealer to dealer is consistent, dealers only service customers in their territory.

Option 2) Browse the OIS and Claim a boat, with the support of your Loacal Dealer

The Ozone Inventory System, OIS, lists all our canoe & kayak inventory. You can view existing inventory and isolate by model and location. If you have the capacity to pick up at that location, make a claim and we will connect you to your Local Dealer. You can also design your own canoe and have it shipped to you. Keep in mind that direct shipping is not available and the best option is to ship to the distributor, which is free to you. You can arrange through your Local Dealer to ship direct, however, not all dealers offer direct shipping and it will be decided case by case.

Ozone offers three competing brands – Kai Waa, Puakea Designs and Mike Giblin Canoes. Within each line there are different models that correspond to the size of the paddler and the size of the conditions that you paddle in. Generally, the bigger you are, or the conditions where you paddle are, the larger the canoe. However, many larger paddlers have skills to make smaller canoes work for them and vice versa, so it is best for your to test yourself.

The Kai Wa’a line from smallest to largest is Scorpius XS, Scorpius XM, and Scorpius. Puakea Designs is currently offering the Ehukai and Kahe Kai. The Ehukai is a canoe designed for all around conditions and lightersmaller paddlers. The Kahe Kai was designed for bigger paddlers.

The Mike Giblin Canoes features the Hurricane and the larger Storm. A paddler whose weight borders between two models can differentiate based on the conditions he is likely to paddle in. Once you’ve narrowed it down to two or three models we strongly recommend taking them out on the water to see for yourself.

The Pro Model is an ultralight layup with hardware and paint modification that comes with AMC cover and multiple rudders. The paint is standardized brushed carbon primer, we do not add custom graphics or colors to the ProModel.
Learn More :Ozone Pro Model Upgrade

To see weight scale of our canoes and Pro Model’sWeight Scale

Each model is different, we also have variables for each build that include paint and layup. The pro model reduces weight by around 10%.

Click here to see theWeight Scale

We will repair or replace any defective items for one year from the purchase date. Each of our dealers works with a qualified repair shop. In the event of a defect, the customer can take the canoe to the shop, and the cost of the repair will be paid by Ozone. If a repair will result in a significant reducution in quality of performance or cosmetics, Ozone will replace the canoe. This warranty does not apply in the following circumstances

  • Damages due to normal wear and tear

  • Damages due to rough handling, improper care and maintenance, incorrect rigging, or impacts.

  • Damages from breaking waves

  • Repairs performed by unauthorized repair shops will not be covered without prior consent

If your canoe is in need of repair and you are looking for someone to work on your canoe, try calling your local dealer (see our dealer locator page). For answers to common repair questions see our Documents section. If you need parts for your repairs, you can contact your local dealer or Ozone directly at support(at)

Ozone Colors

Ozone Built Products are painted with Marine Polyurethane Paint using theRAL color standard.

  • We offer 19 colors for you to choose from which are thoroughly tested.

  • Since ocean sports equipment sustains consistent exposure to the elements, paints are chosen carefully.

  • We do not offer custom colors.

  • See color codes charthere

Spary Paint For Ding Repair

We do not ship paint pens or replacement paint, due to shipping issues. We are collecting a list of common spray paints that match closely to ozone paints.

See here :Ding Repair Spray Paint – Tips and options

We use Marine Polyurethane paint using the RAL color system. If you take the color code to your repair shop or paint depot, you can get the match.
*We no longer provide paint pens or spare paint, as the paint expires quickly in transport or storage.

  • No color

  • Pele Black/ #9005

  • Momi White / #9003

  • Kona Red / #3020

  • Kala Yellow / #1021

  • Kauai Green / #6029

  • Lanikai Green / #6018

  • Maliko Blue / #5010

  • Waimea Blue / #5015

  • Waikiki Teal / #5021

  • Maui Magenta / #4010

  • Cali Pink / #

  • Ola Orange / #2002

  • Metal Blue (Metalic)/ #5025

  • Quick Silver (Metalic)/ #9006

  • Metal Gunship (Metalic) / #7048

  • Ali’i Gold (Metalic)/ #1036

  • Aina Red (Metalic) / #3032

  • Nai’a Grey / #7004

  • Honu Turquoise / #5018

  • First you need to push the pin out of the hole so that the spring pin is inside the Iako.

  • At this point usually you can tap the Iako on the ground when you hold it like a cane. The pin should come out to the opening at the end of the Iako. You don’t have to tap really hard.

  • If the pin does not come out a coat hanger or screw driver to grab it and pull it out easy enough.

  • Insert the new pin through I’ako openning. slide it in and push it with a tool ie Screwdriver etc.

Use contact cement to attach velcro strip to canoe. Barge brand is best. Most Ace or True Value hardware stores stock.

Notes from Ozone Production Manager

Barge cement is a dry to dry contact cement, it’s not intuitive. There are many videos on Youtube on how to glue things together with contact cement.

Most important is for both surfaces to be clean & dry, from salt, dirt, and sand. Wash thoroughly with soap & water (citrus cleaner is best and will not damage canoe), let dry (foam will take about 24 hrs to dry well). Scuffing up the surface lightly may help a bit too. Otherwise, apply as directed on the package of Barge Cement.

Replacing Venturi cover
  • Remove old venturi covers. The best tool is a thin razor blade. The glue to attach the drain cover from the factory is soft to make it easier to remove. Lightly slice between the boat and the venturi cover while being careful no to cut into the boat. This means go slowly and saw the razor blade with small strokes.

  • Once the venturi cover is off, you need to remove the old glue so that the new venturi will have a flat surface to bond to. Scraping with a razor blade is ok. If you scratch some paint off, not to worry but be careful to not cut into the carbon. Sandpaper also works well. Liquid cleaners like Goo Gone do not work on this type of glue. Do not use heat to remove the glue.

  • Once you have a clean surface, dry fit the new venturi covers. Make sure the open end of the venturi cover is well behind the hole in the footwell, the farther the better. Make a pencil mark around the cover. Remover the cover and place tape along the pencil mark to keep your boat clean from oozing glue.

  • Glue: Gorilla glue (water curing version/non-water curing version both ok) 30-minute epoxy glue both work well. You will also need some 3m painters tape for holding the Venturi cover in place while the glue cures.

  • Mix and apply the glue to BOTH SURFACES ONLY where you need to attach the venturi to the canoe: Do not fill up the venturi with glue!!! I suggest you use a popsicle stick or similar to apply glue to the correct place. LESS IS MORE in the step!!!!! You really want very little to ZERO ooze out paste the edge of the Venturi.

  • Once in place and glued, put tape over the venturi cover and hull with tension to hold the venturi down and in position.

  • In 1 hour come back and remove the tape and clean any ooze with a razor blade.

  • Make sure the hole from the footwell is not blocked by the glue.

You’re done!

~Brian Dalbey

Ozone Production

Hurricane OCI -Drain Plug/ Valve

Keywords: How to Open & Close Drain - Problem Draining Hurricane Outrigger Canoe

  • If you are having trouble draining your Hurricane Vr2, it could be that the O rings are shot.

  • You can remove the valve by first removing the face place, next remove the valve using pliers.

  • If you are uncertain which direction opens the valve, see the diagram below. You can make a note that when closed, the valve handle is streamlined.

  • See hereHow to Determine Hurricane Version

  • See here Full Page - Hurricane OC1 Drain Problems

Composite Repair - For OC1,OC2,OC6 & Surfaski

Keywords:Ding Repair,Fracture Repair,Fix Canoe,Fix Outrigger,Carbon Fiber Repair,Fiberglass Repair, Boat Repair

Is it possible to request clear carbon layup ?

Short answer : No

The Ozone Pro Model has no paint, and is fared, primered, and clear coated. Due to its lack of paint, The Pro Model is 10% lighter than our standard layup, arrives with AMC cover and a backup rudder.

Please see our weight scalechart.

What is Rudder Stall and Rudder Drag ?

The stall angle (astall) is the critical angle of attack at which maximum lift occurs. Normally, stall angles of rudders in open water are in the range of 15°–20°.

Drag is the rudder force component along the incidence flow direction, which consists of skin friction drag and form drag.

Drag roughly increases parabolically with the angle of attack. The friction drag is caused by the frictional shear stress and determined by the size of the wetted surface

The form drag, also known as viscous pressure drag or pressure drag, primarily depends on the shape of the rudder. Our rudder shapes vary from 4" Flatwater, 9" Weed, 9"Standard, 11.25 High Aspect.

Ozone rudders are designed for minimal drag. The high aspect rudders are designed to increase the efficiency and control in rough water and avoid stall angle.

Installing a ruder for Hurricane V2

  • The V2 Hurricane rudder is attached with a Hex Screw, I believe it is 2.5mm. Please confirm for me if you can.

  • If the old rudder is installed, first release the hex screw with hex key slightly but not all the way. It should drop the rudder slightly, but you need to go another few rotations to make it lose enough to remove completely. It should slide out now from the bottom. However, do not remove the screw entirely as that is not necessary.

  • If there is no rudder installed, loosen the hex screw. If tightened, it will keep the shaft from entering all the way, if the rudder shaft encounters an obstacle, it is most likely the screw.

  • Slide in the new rudder from the bottom, Be sure it is the correct orientation, the thicker leading edge is forward, the sharper edge is trailing back.

  • Tighten the hex screw with the key to be sure it does not slide out. Test the rudder by tugging it down to be sure it does not slide out when you are paddling etc.

Installing a rudder for Tempest OC2

See :

Daily Safety Maintenance

  • Always check your rudder and steering system before paddling.

  • Rudder: Be sure the screw is all the way in the shaft, if loose, tighten with Philips screwdriver.

  • Steering: Be sure the rudder can move easily and return to center (if you have a canoe since 2019 with a center return system).

If your steering feels sticky it could be obstructed. Check your Tiller Box and Peddles (below).

Prior to race / long paddle / or once a month

  • Tiller box/disc: Open the tiller disk and check your spring, lock collar, and cables (this should be done periodically.

  • Peddles: Check the Dyneema steering cable for fray or damage.

Galvanic corrosion

We design our construction to avoid corrosion at all costs. We use titanium vs aluminum/metals to stop Galvanic corrosion*. However, the elements and corrosion may still occur with time and exposure.

Products to consider for the protection of noncarbon parts (screws, steering, footbrace etc):

Galvanic corrosion & Electrolysis

Galvanic corrosion is caused when two dissimilar metals come into contact with each other while immersed in an electrolyte like saltwater. Electrolysis is caused by the existence of a potential current between two different objects.

Automatic Center Return System - Tiller Spring and Lock Kit - Maintenance & Safety

In 2019 we added a center returning system to the tiller disc. A spring and lock collar bring the rudder back to center when steering or if there is a problem with cables etc.
This system should be checked and maintained especially a) After storage b) During prolonged use c) Before any adventure run/race etc

  • Check your tiller box and inspect the spring and lock collar for any damage, which may include a broken/corroded spring, cracks in the collar, frayed cable

  • The lock collar is held in place by 2 screws, these screws should be Pan Head screws NOT Flat Head. The Flat Head screw could cause pressure over time to the collar and cause a fracture. See the diagram below. If you have a flat head screw installed, please replace it with a pan head. Or email us and we will send replacements.

The Iako diameter is 1.25 inches / 31.75 mm

See :Mounting GPS, GoPro or Speedcoach to OC1 or OC2


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