Design Guidelines

Standard model OC1/V1/Surfski/OC2:

What you get free:

  • One catalog graphic or split on either the canoe/surfski or ama. It can be mirrored to the other side.
  • Two colors for the canoe and two for the ama.

Extra Customizations:

  • Each additional catalog graphic or split incurs a $100 surcharge (except brand graphics).
  • Each custom graphic (i.e. not in the catalog) incurs a $200 surcharge (but can be mirrored for free).
  • Large or complicated graphics or designs incur added surcharges.

Extra Colors:

  • A third color on the canoe/surfski or on the ama incurs a $100 surcharge.
  • Each additional color incurs a $200 surcharge.

Pro model OC1/V1/Surfski/OC2:

What you get free:

  • The cockpit colored differently than the main hull (keep in mind: the more color, the more weight).
  • One color for all the logos and cockpit on the hull and two colors on the ama.
  • You cannot add graphics to pro models.


  • Customization, including custom logos and artwork, is included in the cost of the canoe except for complex or difficult designs.
  • No metallic colors except on brand logos.

Keep in mind:

  • Color appearance is affected by the colors underneath.
  • Colors appear differently on digital display screens than on painted products.
  • The designer image is only a rough approximation of the final product, which may need to differ from the designer image in certain ways.


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